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Restaurant's History

The Lookout Tavern you love today has a long and checkered history. The building was originally Killington Resort’s debut ski lodge in 1958. It later hosted over 13 different pubs, restaurants, and even a "gentleman's club" that didn't quite make the cut. But to Phil and Joy Black, this spot, the first stop off the mountain, felt perfect for what would become the Lookout Tavern.

Phil and Joy had over a decade of experience working in the restaurant biz in Killington. They knew the area needed a fun, casual place to grab a beer and burger on the Access Road. So, they got their hands dirty.

After two-months of relentless renovations starting in August 2000, they were ready to open the doors with the 1st Annual Basin Blast-Off Party. That night, the band Mac & Jamie’s played and a crowd poured in. It quickly became clear to everyone that the Lookout Tavern wasn't going anywhere.

Phil and Joy have devoted their lives to ensuring skiers and riders get top-notch service. Their recipe for creating the space that’s become such a staple in the area was simple: combine a great crowd, delectable food, cold drinks, and a friendly atmosphere. The Tavern has added Vermont's only Roof Top Patio, with over 60 seats and each comes with a jaw-dropping view of the whole Killington Basin and trails.

And what about the name, "The Lookout"? You'd naturally assume it refers to the spectacular mountain view from the rooftop deck. But it's actually linked to a curious story about an ugly necktie. Don't miss out on hearing it directly from Phil — it’s a good one!

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